Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Were people living in France in the last decade of 18th century aware that they are going through a political revolution?
Were 16th century europeans aware that their era is going to be called renaisance or that they are going through Copernican Revolution?

Revolutions seem to be easiest to be deciphered while looking back and almost impossible to be predicted. What about the period in which they actually take place? What would future historians say about our times? 

Probably we are also going through a revolution. A revolution in which
  • Rather than trying to control nature we start respecting it
  • We stop raping the mother earth
  • Women are liberated
  • Science recognizes its limitations
  • Pecking order is shaken
  • and......
What should we do in times like these?


  1. may be we can...
    > not panic, stay calm
    > get involved, be a part of the revolution
    > retrospect and take firm decisions
    > be disciplined
    > give luxuries of life and be simple
    WAIT and WATCH........

  2. We're definitely living through a revolution. Many people can feel it. Also, events get glorified in hindsight, so what we know about historic revolutions may not be exactly how things transpired. But yeah, some of the things you mentioned, will happen.

    I am not sure of science will recognize any limitations any time soon. There is amazing research happening in all fields all over the world.