Thursday, October 1, 2009


Life is full of choices none of which can be labelled good or bad. If one could actually classify black and white, the black ones practically cease to exist; if theres nething perfectly white, we can easily delete other ones; finally we r left with grey ones to deal with.

How should we choose from grey ones when we dont have ne scale (like the ones used in fairness cream ads :-P) and more importantly when the paths we take are going to change their shades with time?

As i am writing this, i am realizing that many a times the shades are not even on grayscale, rather the choices come with different colours alltogether.

Most of us relentlessly try to strike a balance between different colurs while also trying to be on the as brighter point as possible. We try to do so by comromising sometimes on blue n sometimes on green. I am not enjoying this never ending walk on a rope but unfortunately i am not finding any alternative choice for this.

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