Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being in an organization

Almost all of us are a part of some organization where they work for living. Now its foolish to believe that all of them work just for money. Many of us definitely expect something more than that. Inspite of knowing many happily working people, I am yet to find a person who feels that his organization fufills all of his expectations the way he wants it to and is perfect for him. I, thus, believe that all of us need to compromise in some way or the other (this is what i actually wanted to write in my earlier post about :P) and we choose the best available option to us.

What scares me at this point, however, is that our expectations change with time and slowly get aligned to what we are getting. We probably fool ourselves by believing that 'this is what i can expect at best'. This change takes place very slowly and we are probably very bad at realizing slow changes taking place. I can very well feel this happening to me when I find myself doing things I would never have done at any cost.

How long should i believe that i am at the best possible place? am i scared to come out of comfort zone? am i really weighing all good things correctly or am i taking them for granted? How much should I depend on my conscience? Am i sounding too confused? Am i really? Is it not good to be confused? Well i guess its time to stop for now...